Lisbon has been considered one of the most attractive cities for tourists, specially during the summer season. Thus, we would like to advise you that it can be hard to find accomodation in Lisbon during the “IASIA Conference 2019’s” period due to the high number of tourists and events occurring at the same time.

The organization has prepared a list of hotels in Lisbon nearby ISCTE with good access by public transports that might help you to choose your accommodation. The organization negotiated with these hotels so that a number of rooms can be assured for the “IASIA Conference 2019”’s participants, but only until the 18th of April. We kindly ask you to make your reservation as soon as possible to make sure the rooms are still available. You can also book your accommodation through other platforms, however these are prices made by protocols, so it will be more favorable to you. To make your reservation follow the instructions below.

* This is the price per night w/ breakfast included. You will also need to pay the tourist tax of 2€ per night.